Monday, March 24, 2008

Tsunami Warning
What do you do when you see a Tsunami in Vung Tau? Please make your way calmly down Nguyen Chi Thanh street of course!

Via The Final Word.

Economy overboiling
What do you do when the economy overboils? Answers on an eCard please folks.

Savour Asia
FYI: Here's a new smart looking website with a guide to Hanoi, as well as other regional cities, called Savour Asia with lots of simple, practical advice for folk coming to Hanoi. If you're wondering what to do with your friends or random friends of friends' friends who turn up at your door demanding to be entertained, print out the 72 hours in Hanoi section (24 hour and 48 hour options also available) and tell them you'll see them in the pub in 73 hours time.

Note to self
Remember why you should be in Hanoi on April 5...

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