Monday, March 03, 2008

Here at Pittstop HQ we read the local papers so you don't have to!

* Oliver Stone film stalls: Oliver Stone's attempts to make a Vietnam film as good as Hamburger Hill is turning into a lifelong saga. Now it seems Bruce 'pursed lips' Willis has thrown a spanner in the works of Stone's latest attempt Pinkville, which is based on events surrounding the My Lai Massacre: The filming of “Pinkville”, a movie concerning the 1968 My Lai massacre in Quang Ngai province directed by Oliver Stone, has halted due to a disagreement between Stone and lead actor Bruce Willis..."

My Hollywood contacts tell me Bruce Willis, a well known method actor who has recreated 1968 My Lai-style conditions in the back garden of his Malibu mansion to prepare himself for the role, insists that his character William R. Peers should purse his lips more often and throw in a few wry smiles at those ain't life a bitch but what are you going to about it-moments. Willis is also pushing for a scene where he's battled-scarred, bruised and bloodied, but just won't quit much to the chagrin of his evil nemesis, an East European with wicked and shady past and a penchant for surrounding himself with gormless expendable henchmen. Willis is also said to be concerned at the lack of a catchphrase for his character and proposing, "Xin chao for now soldier."

The other and slightly more 'real' reason the film isn't being made at the moment is because those Hollywood writers refuse to write and Oliver is a member of the Writer's Guild.

* Professional help: I find it hard to believe a lot of people are heading to a shrink in these fair waters but, hey, the SNooze says counselling is on the rise in Vietnam so who I am to disagree, but what's REALLY amazing is ...
Hong Anh graduated from the Psychological Faculty of [...] and now works as a telephone counsellor. "I’m paid VND100 for each minute I talk with my clients, so the longer they talk the better," she says.
VND100 a minute? Methinks Hong Anh won't be building her dream eight floor house overlooking her neighbour's seven floor house anytime soon.

The Pittstop Must-read-rating: **

Shhh! Phu Quoc is paradise:
Phu Quoc is declared the best hidden beach in the world which of course is sort of likely to help destroy the very quality that's been rewarded.

The Pittstop Must-read-rating: **

* All fighting waiting staff: Image of the day from a VNnews food review -- "The last time I went to Lan Chin it was late and the ten or so waiting staff had little to do so they amused themselves by fighting each other with a pile of chopsticks."

The Pittstop Must-read-rating: ***

* Born behind bars: These not-so-fortunate babies get to live in prison with their mums -- yes, that's right, it's not all tomfoolery around here you know. We love a hard-hitting exposé every now and then. If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? Eh? EH?!

The Pittstop Must-read-rating: ***

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