Wednesday, March 19, 2008

* Paragraph of the month

From this month's VN Economic news: "The experts have said that when more is spent on imports than earned on exports one can say that inefficiency is present. Experts said that. And this is why this should not be allowed to happen. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has asked its experts to find a way to fix this trade deficit problem. In reply, the experts said that they need to have a long-term state-level research project funded."

As spotted by CLUB CAMA's expert economic research department.

* If you could bottle the craic....

That's the Irish Tanaiste (DPM) there in Hanoi for St. Patrick's Day with a hat on his head that says -- "look-at-me-I'm-Irish-and-I'm -having-the-craic!"

Those two men in dashing silk t-shirts smiles' say "look at us we just crashed this embassy do and stuck a silly hat on the Tanaiste's head -- wahey!"

* 'Emission impossible'

Get ready, Thanh Nien is about to spoil your day: "With the number of pollutant-emitting vehicles approaching 4 million in HCMC, and volumes increasing daily in Vietnam’s cities, you can be sure that you’ll need more than a thin piece of fabric to improve your long-term health prospects here."

* Would the owner of registration....

If the fella who owns this car also reads Thanh Nien he might be smart enough to change the colour of his licence plates...

"The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee has denied ownership of a US$126,000 Mercedes seen driving around the city with government plates recently. City officials Tuesday denied the rumor that the municipal administration owned the Mercedes CLS500, estimated to cost at least VND2 billion. The rumor spread because the car, spotted driving around District 1 by several residents, carries blue government license plates.Under government regulations, official cars provided to HCMC officials must cost no more than VND800 million ($50,400), including taxes..."

* Hair today

The police stopped

200 wee rascals (tieng viet only) driving without their helmets from March 15 to March 16 in HN. Meanwhile 10,000 people still wear helmets without straps and back to front in a fashion that says, "Hey, look at me! I'm having the craic driving this motorbike with my helmet on the wrong way around -- wahey!"

* New airlines...

I'm not sure if Air Speed Up is a name that will inspire confidence in an airline for nervous fliers...

"Vietnam is expected to license its second private airlines named Air Speed Up this month, and a third one called Phu Quoc Air in the next few months..."

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