Friday, March 28, 2008

Dog's dinner
  • "Dogs are either for eating or guarding the house," Law said. "Walking my dog is like someone walking their chicken."
  • When Daniel Rocher's cat Yin Yang had both back legs broken, the first vet wrapped the bleeding limbs in newspaper. The second vet bound the legs with wire; they then became infected. "The third one came and said the only solution is to cut the legs and make small wheels," said Rocher, a Frenchman who has worked in Vietnam as a marketing consultant for more than a decade. "I was horrified and he said, 'Don't worry,' it will be a cheap price.' "
  • "I [am] ashamed that in a country where people earn $50 a month, I paid $2,000 for this cat."

The International Herald Tribune on expats and their pets in Hanoi. The last bit about young people not eating dogs might just be a result of the guy being interviewed not realising Vietnamese "often downplay the popularity of thit cho" which the article points out right at the start of the article. Like... duh!

Even if one million 18-25 years olds wouldn't eat dog there's another million who would. And that, my friends, is a lot of dog...

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