Wednesday, March 12, 2008

* Sweet Jesus!

You're clearly just taking the mickey over at the SNooze misspelling poor Bertie's name for a second time in three days. Yes, our poor auld Taoiseach was referred to as Berti Adhern AGAIN! Oh how you cut to the core of a man you little ragamuffins...

The article goes on to also say the Vietnamese PM visited the Irish House of Lords and House of Commons, which don't really exist in Ireland due to a rather large lack of lords and as for commons, well, we're all out of them too, since the Celtic Tiger turned all land into Super-Expensive plots of land that no one can technically afford. I'm just surprised the Vietnamese PM didn't also pop over to take tea and elevenses with the Irish Queen Mary McAleese in O'Buckingham Palace.

Headline of the morning...

Buying drugs as easy as [buying?] vegetables: “We have all kinds of drugs. It is good to have [a?] doctor’s prescription but if patients don’t have [one?], we still sell them the drugs they need. No problem,” said the owner of a drugstore on Trang Thi Street."

Statements like that could create a whole new tourism industry.

* Controversial statement of the year

Vietnamese models wear out ao dai? C'est pas possible! As spotted by my man JAW.

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Anonymous said...

the article on the models wearing out the national costume is indeed dumb... the excuses they put up for losing at the pageants... shameful