Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vietnamese consortium mulls Arsenal takeover bid
* Remember you always hear it here first. Even the gooner bloggers in old London Town (ain't burning down) won't have seen this one coming, but yes, apparently, a Vietnamese group have made tentative inquiries into buying up Arsenal stocks, taking the reins of power, replacing meat pies and lager with banh mi pate and Bia Ha Noi, sacking Arsene Wenger and employing Alfred Riedl as manager then promptly losing to Thailand on penalties.

The real story here, which I admit isn't quite as interesting as I probably made it sound, and I think it's just basically one guy shooting his mouth off as if him and his mates could buy Arsenal club, if they wanted to, but sure who cares what the real story is.

We don't start rumours, we just spread'em.

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