Monday, February 18, 2008

* Headline of the morning:
PM orders counter-offensive against north’s bitter cold spell.
"Slip on your long johns and woolly jumpers and fill the hot water bottles with piping hot trà, lads, we're going in!"
(Maybe Oslo can draw us a buffalo with a beanie or a cardigan?)

* Smoker's Delight... (via Vintage Advertising)

...of course, smoking killed the poor bastard in the end.

* "Nearby in a garden, thick vines curl around a concrete tree trunk that grows into a nude maiden, the main house. Two concrete giraffes house a cafe. A giant eagle perches on an egg-shaped fireplace. The giant spiderweb is made of wires and tubes and hangs over the pond. The solitary spider is carved out of wood, but there are other webs woven through the branches of the pines and extending to the house’s roof. They make bizarre patterns against the sky..."

Can you guess where? Need a clue? Think... Gnarls Barkley...
Answer here.

* Well, in terms of Rolls Royces, TPHCM is leaving Hanoi trailing in its wake, with a 5-1 advantage. Even diminutive middle aged women are getting in on the act as Bà Diệp (pictured below) splashed out a cool $1.3 million for a rolls just before Tet. But as a responsible adult you'd have to be concerned that she might not be able see over the steering wheel, non? Or am I forgetting about Anh Jeeves?

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pittstop designer said...

My thanks to the kind reader who pointed out you can't actually have piping hot tra da