Friday, February 15, 2008

Minsk Club Vietnam's 10th
anniversary and music festival

That's the email flier for the Minsk Club anniversary and music festival to be held early April and a clarion call for either a) sponsorship and b) photos (to be added to an open flickr account here)

You can email the club here ---

It promises to be a hell of a day with loads and loads of great music... scratch that, AMAZING music with djs, bands and general hi-jinx going all day long at the American Club in Hanoi.

It'll be like Hanoi's answer to... um... Féile 1993!!!

I stress for the non-Minsk drivers or people unfamiliar with the club and its ethos, you DO NOT need to be a Minsk driver or have any interest in the Minsk or motorbikes at all. Doesn't matter if you ride a Honda Chaly or a Penny Farthing, you just have to live here!

So put the date in the diary and if you've any cool photos relating to Belorussia's finest steed then upload them at the flickr link.

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