Sunday, February 03, 2008

* "He's just 21, no one has ever heard of him, he is making his debut for France against Scotland at outside-half this afternoon, and he is only playing there because he grew too big for his original position of scrum-half. Welcome to Francois Trinh-Duc and the madcap world of French No 10s, a surreal environment in which Trinh-Duc, the newest member of an extraordinarily ineffective cast, is the seventh individual in 23 games to feature in the pivotal role for France."

Just for you rugby fans out there, keep an eye out, or spare a thought for Francois today as he braves the not-so-sunny climes of Scotland. The young player of Vietnamese extraction will be making his debut in a side "born of beautiful folly" according to Eddie Butler.

That means he also thinks they're completely bats playing young Francois.

We shall see.

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