Monday, January 14, 2008

Dog owner eats dog meat and likes what he tastes!

* "At first I got forced into it by friends, you know, it was someone's birthday and I couldn't not turn up, so I went along thinking I'd just pig out on the crackers and drink a few beers," explains Trung, a young dog-owner turned dog-eater. "But of course, when I got there everyone is going "an di! an di!", so i felt as if I should nibble a little, just to fit in or be polite. But then when I did, I was gobsmacked -- I mean, how good is this dog meat dipped in mam tom!? It was like there was party going on inside my mouth and everyone was invited -- especially dogs!"

Okay I just made that up. One day though. Must be one dog owner dog eater out there. A man leading a double life. Shampooing his dog on Saturdays, walking around west lake in the evenings armed with his poop-a-scoop, playing fetch in the park on Sundays, then once a month gorging on thit cho and hitting the town with the lads...

This is the usual fare that hits the papers: "For some Vietnamese dogs, life is full of home-cooked meals, motorbike rides and regular shampoos. Others are not so lucky. They end up as thit cho or dog meat...", "Van said she adores dogs so much she feels sick when she sees the dog meat stalls in the Lang Cha Ca area of Tan Binh District in HCMC and when she sees cages of condemned dogs on the back of motorbikes. “The dogs’ faces are so sad and scared because they know they’re going to die,” she said. “I want to stop the motorbikes and set them free!”

Vendors squeezed out
* The street vendors are officially being squeezed out as of Jan 24th
and motorised tricycles days are numbered in TPHCM... instantly transforming urban areas into visions of Singapore, that kept me up past the dawn...

Motorbike on fire

* An Attila went on fire somewhere in Hanoi -- and there's video footage here. Love the fact lots of people stop to take a look. Curiosity and a bunch of cats.

Beep beep
* I've prattled on about beeps before -- and I won't do it again as I wear ear plugs and I think I'm 60% deaf anyway -- but here's a first, for me at least, a local writer complaining about noise pollution ...a sea change, perhaps.

* Nothing to do with Hanoi whatsoever part 763, just for the laugh, from the streets of Dublin...

Good auld Hammer, "he is legend" and he's a blogger... as well as a superdope homeboy from the Oaktown.

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