Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Review of the month (last month)
Missed this review of a new restaurant from last month over at the SNooze. Definitely a contender for most astonishing restaurant review I have ever seen printed even though I haven't a rashers what he's on about.

Stand out snippets: the interior is "Cozy contempo-minimalist", the concierge desk is a "slanted grey marshmallow", the total effect is "short of opulent but thoroughly Oriental in a temporarily satisfying way. It’s like King Herod’s breakfast nook – no leopards, belly dancers or sandalwood smoke, yet its intentions seemingly pay lip service to "decadence", "the street’s audio-spatial cacophony of tchotchkes for sale is suddenly gone, like putting on a pair of velvet earplugs... ", "In its own way (that is, removing fun and Truman Capote from the equation), going to Green Mango is an experience akin to having gone to Studio 54 in New York preternaturally cursed with the foreknowledge of all that would come after: here is a Disneyland ride where one can feel wealthy and with-it while consuming the raw distillate of a certain moment in a city and a nation’s history. Like Studio 54, the last greatest disco, one is on hand as a trend is perfected, transcended, and rendered obsolete in the very same instant. Green Mango merits consideration, as do the processes of history that brought it to an ageless mercantile avenue of Thang Long."

Oh, and the food is "wonderful".


Graham said...

OMGWTFBBQ - did this guy eat a thesaurus for dessert?

simon kutcher said...

What a moronic review.

Food, excellent - tick
Interior, cozy & warm - tick
Garden/pavillion, tops - tick

The guy seems like a disgruntled backpacker who never left.

Issues with tourists - tick
Issues with paying more that VND 12,000 for a meal - tick
Restaurant review of 9 paragraphs and only 2 of them discussing the food - tick

At least "all of the resentment, all of the let-downs" from this bozo's review is that he calls himself an "urban villager". It is quite obvious that he is, in fact, the village idiot.

ourman said...

Christ. It has to be a piss take, right?

Are they really serious.

ourman said...

I always mean to read this blog more and always enjoy it but you don't have RSS. Can you switch it on? I am sure blogspot provides it.

Hope you can and keep up the good work.

noodlepie said...

ourman, just paste the url into your feedreader, works for me. Although every post comes through as "Untitled"

ourman said...

noodlepie - was just about to do that when I noted the RSS was up and running. Have subscribed. Cheers.