Tuesday, January 29, 2008

* "The Americans sent in over 2,000 dogs," says the guide. "We said, thank you very much. The Vietnamese eat dog meat and we really needed the protein." Those guides get all the good lines -- from a piece on the Cu Chi tunnels.

* I just discovered people willingly "an thit chuot" (eat rat meat), as opposed to serve it saying it's beef, and apparently it tastes like... rabbit! Here's a not-too-shocking video of a rat catcher and how the rat is prepared for dinner. Not many dishes I'd shy away from in the interests of adventure but rats...

* The dream is over for the Stock Market (you can blame that Phap-trader, everyone else is). Everyone can go back to playing cards and watching football. Of course, if you believe Charlie Brooker it never really existed in the first place (recommended read). The stock market that is.

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