Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stock market philosophy - part 21 (from the VN Financial Gazette)

As the stock market grows with maturity, inevitably people are starting to come up with sage like advice for those either immersed in the world of trading stocks or tempted to test the waters. Everyday we hear a new one here at the VN Financial Gazette offices, like the other day, when a visiting executive told us: “When the tide is high, no one knows you’re naked…”
"Nothing wrong with a bit of skinny dipping," we replied, not really getting the point, if there was one.
"You see, what I mean is, when the tide is low you’ll see just how many people are completely starkers," he explained.
"Look, its a metaphor for the dangers of penniless speculators," he went on.
"And there's no lifeguards to bail you out of the deep end," he added.
"What about arm floats?"

expandable under arm gussets?"
"Excuse me?"
"Inflatable chair loungers? Buoyancy aids? Snorkeling equipment? Stock-market-goggles?"

After 30 minutes of continued discussions, we believe the point is... for those without significant financial backing, its recommended you do some semi-nude sub-aquatic investigation in shallow waters before going, er, deep-sea diving.

For those who are on the ocean’s floor in their birthday suits still trying to happen upon the treasure, the bad news is regulations are set to tighten meaning there won’t be so much side street dealings for stocks in the near future.

It might be time to come up for air.

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