Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm working on a synopsis for my new film: Crocodiles on a Train. Feel free to drop suggestions in the comment box. Get on board, it's going to be MASSIVE.

General gist: A flashflood washes away 5,000 crocs in Khanh Hoa province. Meanwhile a young man witnesses the murder of a hapless drug dealer by a mafia boss. He escapes and tells the police what he saw, which is pretty handy as the police just can't put away this nasty mafia boss without a first hand witness. Bad-ass detective Samuel Jackson takes the young hero by train (planes can't fly in the storm, see) to Hanoi to testify against the mafia boss. But the dastardly mafia boss rounds up all the crocs before the croc farmers do and puts them all on the train to Hanoi and creates a powerful drug which after being set off by timed-bomb-device makes the crocs go really, really loco. Like frothing at the mouth ready for a feeding frenzy-loco. So the crocs go berserk and eat pretty much everyone except for our young hero, Samuel L. Jackson, a really good looking female-train-steward and a fat kid who learnt to drive trains with the help of a computer game. Samuel gets really annoyed and says "I've had it with these mudderfuggin crocodiles on this mudderfuggin train..." so he tells everyone to tie themselves to the chairs, drives the train through a lake and washes away all the crocs, while the young fat kid successfully pulls the train into Hanoi station. Samuel kisses the steward and everyone heads off for bun cha through the "mudderffuggin'" traffic .

Le fin

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