Friday, November 30, 2007

83 years and still going strong
Those flamboyant head-the-ball Cao Daiists celebrate 83 years of their hotch-potch religion this week and the giant unblinking Divine Eye knows you weren't there to blow out the candles.

It really is a far out religion. This year old timeout article on Cao Dai gives you the basics. Here's an older over the top article describing it as a congregation of kitsch amongst other things.

Trivia: Did you know even Mr. Graham Greene is said to have once flirted with the idea of converting to Caodaiism but quickly backtracked describing it on his return to England in the mid 1950s as, “a game that had gone on too long.” Must have been the pink decor that turned him off.

Check it out:

He also described it as a "Disney-like fantasia of the east". Whether he said that before or after he considered signing up for a colourful robe I know not.

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