Thursday, November 29, 2007

My life with a bomb - part II
You might remember that story I was telling you about the poor wee man in Dong Trach commune in Quang Binh province in Central Vietnam, who found an undetonated bomb in his own backyard while building a new outhouse for himself and ever-so-BRAVELY removed it then drove off to an uninhabited area outside town, all by himself, to ensure the safety of others, only to be told to take it back to his house by a couple of silly-billies with uniforms, caps and whistles.

Well... after those fine, upstanding fellows at MAG (Mines Advisory Group - We salute you!) defused the bomb, the beleaguered gent revealed EXCLUSIVELY (to Pittstop Works' friend's colleague's interpreter) how he was forced to keep watch over the bomb for six sleepless days and nights.

"I couldn't do my job, I couldn't do anything. My wife and my grandchildren were afraid so they stayed with my relatives who live far away from here. So at night, I sat in the house alone. My neighbours knew what had happened so no one in the neighbourhood dared to go outside."

Poor man. Anyway, thankfully, he's survived his ordeal and lived to tell the tale.

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