Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally, a story of love in the time of … cholera!

On Bat Su street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter there’s a woman looking for love. She’s not afraid to stand right outside her own front door and let the world know that she’s ready for a young, handsome, charming man to sweep her off her 77-year-old-feet. Do Thi Tan hit the local newspapers last week after hanging a colourful banner in a bid to woo potential suitors. If ever there was a Queen Bee, it is she!

ith one marriage under her belt already, Tan is keeping her eye out for a man who is tall, muscular, unmarried and handsome. She sells soft drinks and sweets outside her house, waiting patiently for the day her prince charming arrives. Her small house is said to be worth a rather whopping $1 million, so let’s hope no one uses the poor woman to get their hands on the property!

Yes, she may be long in t
he tooth, but she has passion in spades. Her banner, which she commissioned an artist to create, stresses how fierce this woman’s love is. She claims she is still quite robust and she can eat five kilogrammes of fried fish immediately, which is certainly no mean feat. Neighbours confirm she's healthy, light on her feet and easy going.

Her five children have grown
up and have their own families and do not oppose her search for love, so you have no reason to fear the wrath of her irate children.

Recently, Tan is said to have “spotted” a man of he
r choice who is 22 years old, but so far she’s playing coy on how this relationship is progressing! Oh you tease!

Pic: from VNexpress

Your expression of the week: May bay ba gia thich phi cong tre (The old plane likes a young pilot!)

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