Sunday, December 09, 2007

Enter the Dragon

While people might have been complaining about the price of cabbage and what have you in Vietnam of late (certainly not me mind you), spare a thought for the Plain People of Ireland who in search of a nice, plump Dragon Fruit to have after their lunch come face to face with this staggering price -- €3 for one sole Dragon Fruit, as spotted by Teddy de Burca Snr. while strolling through the Dublin suburbs.

I suppose if something gets transported half way across its universe, it has every right to inflate its own price by 30 or 35 times. Like that other spiky fruit David Beckham...

Anyway much delighted I am to discover the Dragon Fruit's worth in the homeland -- there was me worrying myself sick over what to bring home for Christmas: A kilo of Dragon Fruit it is, otherwise known as
"Pitahaya, Strawberry Pear, Cactus fruit, Night blooming Cereus, Belle of the Night and the Cinderella plant..."

If you're off to England, you can do likewise, as after my three seconds of research, I note that its £1.79 per fruit in Tesco's.

For best effects, serve chilled.


Anonymous said...

Those Israeli pomelos look a lot like persimmons too

pittstop designer said...

Typical --- hoodwinking the innocent Irish fruit buyer as well as ripping them off.

I won't stand for it!