Monday, December 17, 2007

Consumers demand instructions
Irritated by suggestions on this very blog that they don't understand the concept of a helmet, people who've been whizzing around devil-may-care without their helmet-strapped on properly have pointed the finger at manufacturers, who have failed to supply instructions.

Deadly serious though, this article
from those sterling people at Vietnamnet does actually provide instructions -- as you see below. Next week -- buckling up!

Helmets are already getting a bad rap from people tired of carrying them around everywhere as if you leave one on your bike, these days, now that you need to wear one, it'll be promptly thieved.

One answer is the helmet-padlock -- but can Ong Viet Tiep (Mr Padlock of Vietnam) manage to get 22 million padlocks to meet demand!? The website says they can only produce 10 million products a year. Get the lead out lads!

In the same video you'll also see Hanoi's latest street side business -- helmet-minders.

Life, eh?

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