Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas cheer

* The great bout of diarrhea is over. Get back to eating your vegetables.

* Why you should support the highly successful but under supported Vietnamese women's football team and not the men's team at the SEA games.

* Don't forget Saturday is for dancing and CAMA have organised you and your friends a party. Come early and don't drive if you're on the lash.

I discovered Vietnam News' golf column today and I'll be looking out for it in future. Here's his classy opening gambit -- "Brown greens [in winter] are not something that I enjoy, but I do enjoy ladies dressed to the nines in their winter clothes though, so there is a nice balance. There’s something about a good looking lady in high leather boots which I have always enjoyed..."

He gets back to talking about golf at some stage, but before that he also talks about the Horison Hotel's Christmas decorations which have pictures of an "elf with an axe, [...] smoking a crack pipe, [...] drinking beer and..." his favourite ..."one with his pants down and what appears to be his "Shmeckel" (that’s Yiddish, look it up for yourself) hanging out..." then later on he closes with these lines: "...the courses get a bit quieter between Christmas and New Year, thus, I can get in a few rounds as well. Hey, I need to relax too! But with my luck, I’ll get a caddie who resembles one of the Horison’s elves..."

As a blogger might write nowadays -- "WTF?" *

* That stands for "what the flibberty-jibbet" I think...

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