Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Someone said the words "Autumn's on the way" today. People just love proclaiming a new season and trip over themselves to be first. Of course, Autumn is just a second summer for the likes of me who have been genetically engineered to live in wet, boggy fields. For the record, the person who said this was wearing shorts and sandals.

Methinks the sweat will still be dripping, the ca phe will still have da and the sock drawer will remain untouched for sometime yet. As for long-sleeved tops and jeans, might be time just to let the mildew breathe a little - but there's no rush there either.

Which reminds me last time I was in Ho Chi Minh City, where the summer really does last forever, I passed a woolly jumper and hat shop. Of course, those heading north need to wool-up before boarding the plane, but still it's kinda like spotting a Bermuda shorts shop in Siberia. The sales assistant was alone in the shop and looked utterly miserable.

"A woolly hat shop in Saigon, what was I thinking?"

Here's a little something for a Tuesday afternoon on Vietnam's shifting perspectives on history.

Those interested in revisionism will love it.

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