Monday, August 20, 2007

Here's a piece on Vietnam's emerging and increasingly liberal film industry.

Can't help but notice that one film's plot line sounds exactly like Tootsie: The most successful so far is "Two In One," a slapstick comedy about a man impersonating a woman — and falling in love with a real woman who doesn't know he's actually a man.

Need to start writing a few oh-so-subtle remakes of my own methinks.

Ong Mua: An incredibly handsome brother discovers his long lost autistic brother after their dad dies leaving all the cash to the autistic brother. They embark on a road trip to Do Son, but by foot, as the autistic brother won't fly Vietnam Airlines, or take a bus, car, motorbike, any kind of automated vehicle, and there they start to gamble their way to brotherly love.

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