Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pittstop's muckers Dan Dockery of Highway4 and Sarah Clarke of Hanoi Street Food both appeared recently on a Discovery Channel show called Bizarre Foods with an American presenter called Andrew Zimmern.

You can check out Dan who appears in this clip below after Andrew eats at Cha Ca La Vang restaurant, which he pronounces with wonderful French flair - c'est malapropos non?

As you'll see Dan and Andrew nibble on some scorpion, roasted sparrow and most impressively a 32-cm bull's penis with the accompanying cajones grande de toro. Tastes just like lamb shank apparently.

Sarah gets a whole segment to herself, or rather her and street food do... they try a few different dishes, some papaya salad with dried beef, some 'fuh' and some No.2 coffee.

There's another four parts which I haven't watched yet but this link will take you to part one and on the side you can the other segments if yer interested at all.

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