Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail?

Yup - it's true. Surprised they're getting away with that as a campaign, domain name.

Certainly none of my business.

Here's a funny/ disturbing story about a man going on the rampage in Danang Airport with two swords after he was told not to park in the no-parking zone. Turns out he's got connections so everyone says he'll get off but I think he'll do well to worm his way out that pickle.

The local press aren't so sure: ...skepticism is widespread as many feel that M. had already escaped justice after another notorious rampage seven years ago in a Binh Duong karaoke shop. At the time, M. was accused of firing his gun at a waitress at the karaoke bar after she refused to “go out” with him. Though M.apparently missed his target, subsequent police reports confirmed four used bullet shells were found in the karaoke room.

Sounds like a right nutbag. But luckily my father, Teddy de Burca Snr., always did warn me, never trust a man who drives around with two swords in the trunk.

Whatever happened to Queensbury rules?

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