Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pittstop's sabbatical

Due to the intense pressures of maintaining its position as Hanoi's 170,451st most popular blogspot, every one here at Pittstop Works HQ is having a wee rest and staying clear from the blogosphere for a month or so.

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Anyway, at this stage we think you've all figured out how to read Than Nien online and the Snooze in the flesh and laugh at your own conclusions so, perhaps, our work is done here. Or perhaps you've also had enough of this time-consuming and fruitless life online and this sabbatical will help you find the courage to turn off the internet tap and feast your eyes on the world outside your house.

In a way all of us have an El Gaupo to face some day...

[Clippety-clop sounds as man rides horse into a sunset without looking back....]


elliott said...

sorry to hear it. hope it isn't a result of your recent journeys in neverneverland!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. How ironic that Pittstop Works is pulling the curtains down with a 'sabbatical' while paiwing is still going strong. How does that crow taste Mr de Burca Jr?

pittstop designer said...

I'm just really busy listening to Rihanna records and experimenting with scarf-wearing.

Cali-forn-ee-ah, knows how to party...

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