Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More on the Minsk 10th anniversary party

More photos of the Minsk Music festival here by Loominpapa. Clearly a fan of Both Cheese and Ngu Cung. And a few over here at the doctor's clinic and a collage of portraits of some fine people on the big day over at Monsieur Wainwright's photo blog.

Funnily enough the President of Belarus was in town, too, at the start of the week and has now returned to the land of the Minsk. He last visited Vietnam ... 10 years ago.

Coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO! No doubt he was there, incognito as it were.

Also via Mr. JAW's blog we checked out's thoughts and scanned pics of a Marie Claire photo shoot in Halong Bay under the cringe-worthy title Vietnam Photo shoot: Apocalypse Wow.

Check it out if only for Jezebel's comments and captions... such as:
"The photographs, by Richard Mazzucco, are absolutely gorgeous, but just a wee bit somber. Well, it is Vietnam, right?

Someone's got her eye on that bicycle, because someone's shoes hurt so bad she needs to sit down. Also, someone wishes this shoot were on the beach in Thailand instead."

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