Saturday, April 12, 2008

Luxuriate me!

"The reason why Asians buy so many luxury brands is that in Asia you are what you wear. A luxury brand is a symbol that defines who you are and your social status." -- Timeout

"In a country whose peasant army once marched on flip-flops cut from old tires, Gucci beach sandals priced at $365 can come as a shock." -- LA Times

Yup, luxury brands are sooooo hot right now.


ASiaLife from HCM City is back on a coffee table somewhere near you in Sunny-Side up Saigon. Not to be confused with the Word which looks exactly like the old AsiaLife did and emerged after some bust up apparently led to a former AsiaLife employee doing a Robbie Williams and flying solo.

Seems a bit sketchy looking online for the time being. Posted the Minsk Olympics party info four days after the event happened and there's a piece on Hanoi's five newest places, one of which isn't open and it also mentions Mao's red lounge which may be a local favourite but it sure ain't new.


Hoang Viet Anh said...

After Tet, the price of pho has increased a few thousand and I don't' really care. So don't be surprised for those who don't care to spend a few thousand for a bag. The difference is small, just replace VND with USD.

Oh, and in some shops they prefer to have their price tag in Euro. That the new fashion :-)

B. Hawkins Pham said...

To add to the luxury mix, looks like Marc Jacobs is opening shop on Nguyen Hue in HCMC. The new issue of East West has the goods and an interview with MJ's partner, Robert Duffy.

pittstop designer said...

Vanh oi -- said it before, will say it again, the Euro is SOOOOO hot right now. I have fifty at home and sometimes I just take it out and caress it.

B. Hawkins Pham -- wasn't aware of Marc Jacobs work, so I checked it out -- -- and I can't wait to be striding around sunny Saigon in those stripey-two-third length pants next time I'm down there!