Monday, July 30, 2007

Well, Iraq did it... they won the ASIAN cup

Reaction on the streets from the Guardian

"In 90 minutes, 11 men on a soccer pitch thousands of miles away have made millions of Iraqis happy while 250 MPs, our government, the mullahs, imams and warlords can't provide us with a single smile. I hope this is a turning point for our country," said one fan.

Great stuff. The team comprising Kurds, Sunnis, Shias and Turkomans have overcome kidnap threats, the murder of loved ones, and disruptions to their training schedules and had to train in Syria and Jordan pre-tournament.

Hats off lads.


Hercé said...

don't wanna be cynical - delighted for the lions of mesopotania - but this sentence in the Guardian report caught my eye:

"The crowds briefly regained Baghdad's streets from the gunmen, dancing to patriotic songs, waving the flag, and shooting into the air."

pittstop designer said...

That line's also followed with the deadpan: "US army helicopters wisely interrupted their regular flyovers of the capital until the partying had stopped."

And later on: "They [Saudi Arabia} send us fanatics and suicide bombers, we hit back with goals."