Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pittstop Work's associate Mrs. Loan Symons ran into the Australian international, misser and also creator of crucial penalties, Lucas Neil at the Nutz Bar in the Sheraton Hotel where the "shockeroos" were staying and no doubt drowning their sorrows, tears in everyone's beers, after being dumped out of the Asian Cup by the Japanese.

And here a Pittstop World Exclusive is the word for word transcription of that historic meeting where Lucas discovered the joys of Vietnamese tact on touchy subjects.

Loan: Hello
Lucas: G'day
Loan: Were you one of the people who missed a penalty?
Lucas: Yes
Loan: Are you the famous one, or the other one
Lucas: I'm the other one
Loan: Oh, so where's the famous one?
Lucas: I think Harry's upset, he's staying in.
Loan: So your team is like Vietnam. You are losers.
Lucas: (Inaudible grunt)
Loan: Can you smile for the camera?
Lucas: Sure (smiles, evidence above)
Loan: Thanks...why aren't you dancing?

Good man yourself Lucas for being game for a laugh. Cheers to Johnny for the pic and dialogue. Plus check out the doctor's photos of the Asian Cup games in Hanoi.

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