Sunday, July 22, 2007

Size does matter boys
Well, Vietnam are out. A two goal loss to Iraq. A game they never came close to winning, though they certainly weren't taken apart, it was incredibly frustrating to watch how they played - i.e. aimlessly. Fair play mind, the Iraqis showed a fine deft touch and both goals were excellent. It's a story in the making. Now they face the Saudis or the might of Uzbekistan in the semis (not bad as they avoid the big guns, Korea and Japan). Hope they go all the way. Inshallah.

The coach Riedl says Vietnam's diminutive players just can't compete against the big boys of football: "The problem we have is we are just too small," he said, in this Reuters story). "Playing in Southeast Asia we can be successful, but we struggle in the rest of Asia because we are too small and this is a big problem.

But he always says this/ that.

Anyhoo, this ends Pittstop Works' tireless coverage of the event - till the next Asian Cup my friends! Viet Nam vo dich!

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