Thursday, September 13, 2007

You may know of Thanh Nien the highly popular Vietnamese newspaper that also has an online English service. It is as of October kick-starting a daily-English-language-printed paper which is a pretty bauld auld move and hats off to the lads and lasses behind it all.

The sole competition is, of course, the VNnews, who have enjoyed a monopoly since day one and must be slightly worried how Thanh Nien English daily turns out.

If TN hits the ground running smoothly we could have a right auld tussle, no doubt spurring both parties on until one day we'll be like those lucky rascals in Thailand trying to choose between the Bangkok Post and the Nation.

By the way if you're a sub editor, Thanh Nien needs you (then so does Vietnam News - meow!).

And onwards, upwards, wayward we go.

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