Sunday, September 16, 2007

The VND14-trillion traffic jam in Saigon. But who's losing the money?!

The Rugby World Cup continues. Another late night watching the Irish struggle to a highly unconvincing win against the stubbly Georgians, who clad in the colours of St. George barged over the Irish line in the closing minutes but fortunately, for us Irish, failed to touchdown. Victory by the skin of our teeth I tell you what. The Georgians probably deserved it on effort and considering it was practically their second team the result is a total embarrassment for the multi-million-euro-spending Irish Rugby Football Union.

But we won and so we live to fight another day – le Vendredi prochain to be exact. But all optimism is now officially vanquished. Like Austin powers sans mojo or a ship without a sail, as well as a engine, rudder, tiller, captain, map or compass... and suddenly the Irish rugby machine is lost at sea.

Currently there's probably only one thing worse than watching the Irish play rugby and that's watching us play football, but thankfully there's no coverage for that here.

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