Friday, June 15, 2007

Pittstop works' mucker EH Pollard forwarded this non-Vietnam related but hilarious Onion-esque article from the Beeb...
Beer for flooded Australian town
A flood-isolated Australian town was in danger of running out of beer this week until emergency volunteers came to their rescue.

Residents of Hinton, New South Wales, were stranded following the severe storms that hit the region on Sunday.

There was concern that their pub would run dry before a rugby league match which was due to be played between New South Wales and Queensland.

But the State Emergency Services boated in a huge beer delivery just in time.

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Anonymous said...

Australia's history is full of 'Shit - we are SERIOUSLY GOING TO RUN OUT OF BEER!' situations. An island in Bass Straight was dangerously close to running dry after a fortnight of storms and a grounding of a supply ship on a sand bar. Luckily helicopters ferried the beer to the pub just in time.