Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Duck - bird flu
I say "Hmmm..." to this - 300 ducks nosedive and die in Hanoi they say.

On a brighter note Pittsop's fellow diehard Irish Rugby fan and mucker Mr. Daragh Halpin is featured in this Reuters' story for his and others' sterling work at KOTO.

An a mhaith ar fad Mr Halpin!

Meanwhile after the Snooze's Talk of the Town points out the obvious – "Vietnamese marketers have realised that most products look more appealing to consumers when attached to a pretty girl" – it goes on to discuss the life of the paid-to-flirt beer girls who are always pushing the worst beer in town - Tiger or Carlsberg usually - and the hazards or seedy associations involved: "Minh, a promoter for Carlsberg, says that she and her co-workers sometimes receive offers to go out with clients after work, but they normally refuse them." Can't help but laugh as the word 'normally' being dropped in that sentence. NOT that there's anything wrong with meeting someone after work, but these girls are vulnerable and sleazed on in lots of bars, plus many of them (in an effort to make cash as they're on commission) often act outrageously forward just to get you to change your order: "Yes, cancel the bottle of white wine and serve me Carlsberg for the rest of my life."

Anyway, of course classy Pittstop approved drinks such as Larue, bia hoi and ruou just don't need mini-skirts to sell. Carlsberg and Tiger need all the help they can get.

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