Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hear about contemporary art scene updates on the Grapevine
Hanoi has an art scene that you might not know about. Some of ye might not care while others, yes, you want to be out there rubbing shoulders with les artistes, sipping on red wine and scratching your chin earnestly but the problem is you're always hearing about all these cool exhibitions after the ship has sailed. When you arrive the exhibition is over and no one is around to see you scratch your chin... you retreat to the nearest bar and commence the simple process of inebriation and -- if you're like me -- talk about either sport, traffic or the weather.

One local artist was so sick of missing events himself, he's decided to post stuff he does hear of to help circulate information (and hopefully attract more info as he can't post what he doesn't hear of, if you knowwhadimean) so others can find out about some cool exhibitions and events and so forth.

If you're interested check out the blog -- Hanoi Grapevine. You can also sign up for the mailing list there.

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