Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hors d’œuvres
The Irish Celtic Tiger is in-coming, a fake Shaman gives up the game and admits he's actually just a Sham-man, plus Hoi An is my kinda-town - mucho kudos!, cat food (cat owners beware), the slow death of the circus in Vietnam...
Not only did he arrive to find the rows of seats occupied by only a handful of audience members, "but the worst part didn’t come until the performance started," Minh said. Read more.

And Irishman superstar Ronan "God bless" Keating went to Cambodia... or should I say Runarn Keytarn went to Kampuchea?
The former Boyzone frontman, with more than 20 hit singles to his name, will now sing to a scaled-back audience of 7,000 inside an undercover arena instead of in the full stadium, which has a capacity of 50,000.

With ticket prices at $15, $25 and $65, no one should be too surprised that tickets aren’t exactly selling like stolen Landcruisers. But apparently, concert promoters are having trouble even giving tickets away. The main problem, it seems, is that not even trendy Phnom Penh teenagers know who the guy is.

Keating seems little known in Cambodia, despite marketing efforts by Mobitel, who have had his 2002 hit song “If Tomorrow Never Comes” available for download as a ring tone. Kunthea Yem, 23, a waitress who earns about $60 per month, is a huge fan of the song and has almost mastered the chorus in her broken English. But when asked who the singer was she had no idea - nor did she know Keating was about to play in Phnom Penh.

“I remember someone said an international singer was coming here,” she said, as the song crackled out of her mobile phone. “Runarn Keytarn? No, I don’t know him. Anyway, I guess the concert will be too expensive.”

Read more here at details are sketchy.

So I guess Gary Glitter is still the most famous singer to have been to Cambodia.

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