Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wee break
The pittstop team took a sneaky week off last week and one of us was lucky enough to hit Phu Quoc - sweet Jesus is it a place and a half. More later, perhaps.

But the big news while we were away appears to be that someone in Thailand by the name of Songpol Somsri has invented a scent-free Durian. Come again you say? Sure what's a stinky fruit without the stink? Like Roquefort sans whiff.

First square watermelons now this.

Plus, I'd just like to point out how annoying I find it when I do a search for articles on Vietnam and find mostly articles on the Iraqi debacle and more tiresome comparisons between the two wars/ invasions.

Just had to get that last one off my chest, sorry, which reminds me of the fella who had to get something out of his chest rather than off it. Amazing.

1 comment:

elliott said...

we should start a collection:

perhaps your watermelons are sent here? or vice versa?

why not rectangle?

or quadrangle?