Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Brangelina Part II: Are they really, really keo kiet?

Well, they sure don't tip...

Ok, it's official we have no soul and we're turning into a trashy-celebrity obsessed blogspot, but hot news just in - a scoop! a scoop! - from HCM City where the identity of the owner of the Yamaha Nouvo, which the Hollywood duo drove around a few months back has just been confirmed.

The man, who's name cannot be revealed for fear of the tabloid press hunting him down like a defenceless animal (ok, we don't know his name, and we're sure he'd happily sell his story if you can track him down), is the Bellboy at the Park Hyatt. Our on-the-spot asscoiates asked him how much he rented his bike for.
"Well, I didn't get anything," he meekly confessed. He was after all just following orders from his eager-to-please superiors.

But surely a tip from two of the hottest stars in show business who are worth a gazillion Vietnam dong?
"Um..., well, no."

Khong co gi indeed. The poor man. Still he can't be doing too bad if he has a Nouvo but - how cruel fate mocks us - that photo of them riding the bike was probably sold for thousands of dollars.

Still, hopefully Pittstop Works can spur one of you wannabe-tabloid Ho Chi Minh City residents into getting down to the Park Hyatt and fishing for the lowdown and selling his story to ... Hello?

Go on make him famous, give him his 15 minutes, and hopefully a nice fat tip too. What goes around should come around.


Hercé said...

with all those kids to feed, and more on the way, can you really blame them....

azngamerboi said...

bosses (director level) are expected to dole out 200-400K VND when they attend a wedding celebration of anyone from their staff. hosts of tet parties are expected to give out crisp 50k VND bills as lucky money. and i don't see why not give even a 1-dollar bill to the bellboy that helped you go through saigon peacefully and quietly. but of course, i'm just speculating as well. hehe :)

BJ said...

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