Monday, January 15, 2007

It's 2007
So 2007, underway and isn't that lovely. If you've been clicking on and finding nothing here is new you've obviously been spending too much of the festive season surfing the web when you should have been eating and drinking - what were you thinking? You'd do well to remember the internet turns you into a nerd.

Anyway, we were eating and drinking, which is why we weren't posting anything.

First good news for the Pittstop Team this year is founding-blogger-man Connla Stokes's story the Lover's Nest has been translated into Turkish, which is of no use to any of you probably, but on the off chance you are a) Turkish b) speak Turkish c) know someone who is a) or does b), well you can let them know their soon-to-be-favourite journal is called Esik Cini.

Anyway just felt like bragging.

You can buy and read the original in Tieng Anh here at Total Cardboard HQ

Or you can read it for free here.

More Vina stories coming soon.

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