Thursday, November 30, 2006

Make blog, not war...
For all of you expats who have trifling little north vs. south rows (usually concerning the weather and food!), well, check out how this local blogger created an all out war on the blogosphere.

Over 5,000 comments reported in the article plus the thread was picked up in other internet forums.

The blogger is a teenager, her next post will probably be about a boyband, but she trod on a very large nerve with this one.


D. said...

Interesting news article, even if somewhat deficient. I'm always curious about blog wars, so I tried looking for the original post. Here were the results:

Preya said...

My sister-in-law (who is a Hanoian) just laugh about this whole thing because we love Hanoi and don't really care what some immature blogger has to say! We shouldn't give her any more undeserved attention.